A Vintage Vixen

Featuring Miss Katie Kaleidoscope


What state or country are you from? 

Melbourne, Australia


What do you love about your style? 

I love everything vintage, from the cuts and fabrics to the glamour and history of each garment. Pinup is such a versatile and inclusive look. I also love re-creating vintage hairstyles.


How did you discover your style and how long have you been wearing your style? 

I’ve grown up in a theatrical household, watching old Hollywood films and musicals. I started buying vintage pieces from op shops when I got my first job at 14. I’ve had a long love affair with vintage clothing and enjoy putting outfits together with entirely vintage accessories.


What are your go to brands? 

When I do wear reproduction vintage, I always opt for incredible quality. Vivien of Holloway is my favourite brand for classic cuts and impeccable style. Miss Candyfloss is also a fabulous brand.


Favourite band or singer? 

I’ve always been a jazz enthusiast! Amy Winehouse is my soul sister.


Favourite outfit or item? 

Hats!!!! There’s something special about adding an outrageous hat to an outfit. My vintage hat collection is fast overtaking my collection of clothes



What was the last event you went to while wearing your style? 

I attended the Ballarat Beat Meet & Greet afternoon to mingle with my fellow competitors of Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition 2019!


Do you have any tips or tricks to help other people wanting to dress your style? 

Be daring! Wear whatever makes you feel incredible and unstoppable. If you’re wanting to learn more about vintage and pinup, visit pinup stores and attend rockabilly festivals. Visit an incredible hairdresser! I get my hair cut at Bouffant Delacroix and see Michael Davids who is a specialists in vintage hair styles… Plus, arm yourself with the right products. I’m one half of the Poison Apple Hair Setting Spray team and I cannot recommend this product enough for luscious vintage sets and styling… in fact, you can get some from Rockabilly Babes in Lilydale ;-).


Motto, quote, future goals or biggest achievement:

I’m looking forward to competing at Ballarat Beat in a few weeks and hopefully Pinup Doll Australia later in the year too!

I have a few favourite quotes/mottos, one being a Sondheim lyric from Into the Woods – “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor” to remind myself to get out there and dream big, along with a lyric from Stevie Wonder “When you’re moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star” that pushes me to continue fostering a positive and inclusive pinup community.

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