A Modern Pin Up

Featuring Miss Scarlet Soda

What state or country are you from?

I grew up in NZ, but have lived in Melbourne, Australia most of my adult life.

What is your style? (Classic Pinup, Everyday Vintage, Gothabilly, Geekabilly, Rock n Roll, etc)

Modern Pinup - I like to blend various aspects of my life into my style.  I’m often in corporate environments for work I wear a lot of solid colours and classic silhouettes, then on the flip side I'm a music lover so I like to add a rock’n’roll / alternative touch.

What do you love about your style?

I love how it makes me feel feminine. I love how it shows off my curves that I never used to appreciate. And, I love how it’s been a conversation starter that has allowed me to meet so many beautiful and inspiring people.

How did you discover your style and how long have you been wearing your style?

I particularly became drawn to pinup in my 20s. Back then, I was heavier and there were limited options as a plus sized girl from mainstream fashion retailers, and I felt those options weren’t comfortable or flattering so I was drawn to the mid-century style because I liked how it worked for my figure

What are your go to brands?

Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Modcloth, Voyageur, Collectif, Review, Banned, and last but definitely not least, Daisy Jean - who I am lucky enough to be their brand representative in Australia for 2019!!! (I’m still pinching myself over that achievement!)

Favourite band or singer?

I’m a massive Freddie Mercury fan so Queen is an absolute favourite.

Favourite outfit or item? (dress, shoes, handbag etc)

Ohhh this is a tough one!

On the accessories front I love my Pirate Ship handbag from local designer Jubly-Umph - her designs are amazing!

For item of clothing it would have to be my navy with red polka dot “Lana” dress from Vicious Venus in Brunswick. Which was a gift from my parents for my 30th, and after being overweight throughout my teens and 20s, it was the first size 10 dress that I tried on after losing 30 kilos. The feeling I had when I found it fit perfectly was so rewarding. It was my first break away from swing skirts into something that fully shows my figure. I love how it hugs my curves and the confidence it gives me when I wear it. I also wore it for my very first pinup performance and met so many amazing women that I now call close friends. I try not to be materialistic over objects, and it might be just a dress to some people, but to me it’s irreplaceable because of the memories it brings and the smile it gives me when I see it.

What was the last event you went to while wearing your style?

I’m often out and about at rockabilly and pinup events around Victoria. The most recent was the pre-event meetup for the Ballarat Beat Pinup Competition which will take place on the 9th February

Do you have any tips or tricks to help other people wanting to dress your style?

Start with a few basics - like a circle or pencil skirt in a basic colour that you can wear with tops that you already have in your wardrobe. From there, work your way along with a few key pieces like cropped cardigans that you can mix and match.

Also, YouTube is full of tips and tricks to style your hair, and tackle that eyeliner flick (that's how I learnt!). Start practicing when you’re hanging out at home - rather than just before a special event when you’re highly stressed!

Motto, quote, future goals or biggest achievement (you can answer any one of these or all 4 of these).

Big Hair. Big Dreams.

I have a very big goal this year - and that’s to make it to the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest to represent every girl out there that ever doubted herself.

Personally, I’ve gone through an immense amount of change to discover my inner strength - and I owe a lot of that strength to pinup.

Pinup to me is more than just a look - it’s about supporting, inspiring, embracing and encouraging others that we cross paths with.  To have the opportunity to grace the stage would not only be the ultimate accomplishment for my personal journey, but also the platform to show others that the pinup community has open doors for all to come - and just like me they can learn how to become a brighter, more confident version of themselves too.

To everyone making it to this point, thank you so much for taking the time to read my answers and getting to know me!

If you see me out and about, please come and say Hi - my goal is to share the love that this community has given me, and I endeavour to always be approachable, kind and encourage others to put the best version of themselves out there too.


Photo Credit:

1 - Scarlet Soda - Silver & Soul

Photography by Charles Torrealba

Hair & Makeup by Beauty By Miss Ruby

2 - Scarlet Soda - Caprice Photography

Photography by Caprice Photography

3 - Scarlet Soda - Lorna Louise Photography - Neon

Photography by Lorna Louise Photography by Paige



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