A Geekabilly

Featuring Bambi L'Amour

What state or country are you from?

Melbourne, VIC (Soon to be Ballarat!)


What do you love about your style?

The colours, the patterns and conversations it starts with people. I also love that you can make it subtle or almost Cosplay!


How did you discover your style and how long have you been wearing your style?

I just started mashing up my favourite geeky tees with circle skirts or high waisted jeans, and then added a couple of comic brooches and it all just started to come together. I don't think I realised I had my own style until 2016-ish, and since then I have been refining it and making my wardrobe as Geeky as I can! Also the DC Bombshells comics were a massive influence.


What are your go to brands?

A lot of my clothes are hand made - so my go to brand would be Spotlight! Everything else I try to either op-shop or buy second hand (or borrow from my pinup pals!)


Favourite band or singer?

I'm a music theatre nerd and currently listening to a lot of Tim Minchin.


Favourite outfit or item?

I have a Pokemon outfit that I love! The skirt has the original 3 Pokemon on it and Pikachu, I have a Pokeball brooch I wear as a belt buckle, a Bulbasaur brooch and Pokeball earrings. I wore it when I was on The Chase last year.


What was the last event you went to while wearing your style?

I wear my style almost every day, just in a range of levels. At the moment I am loving wearing Hell Bunny Dungarees and a geeky tee with a matching pop culture brooch and head wrap.


Do you have any tips or tricks to help other people wanting to dress your style?

All the colour! Keep your eyes peeled in op-shops for shirts and cardi's in loud colours as they can sometimes be hard to find. Follow any geeky/pop culture makers on Instagram... it makes it easier to snaffle awesome pieces that aren't seen everywhere. Oh and be sure to check out the Geekabilly section at Ballarat Beat!



To think own self be true - Shakespeare.


Future Goal:

To bring my Geekabilly style to a world stage in Miss Pinup World 2019!



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