A Mixed Era Pin Up

Featuring Adele La Belle

What state or country are you from?

Originally WA but I have been a Victorian for over 10 years.


What is your style?

Honestly, I’m a bit all over the shop and I love that!  I don’t conform to true vintage ideals, I mix eras constantly, I can go from cheesecake pinup to Psychobilly style in a matter of minutes and majority of my wardrobe is black!  My favourite vintage era is the 1960s even though my body shape is nowhere near Twiggy I LOVE the Mod look! Describing my style in a nutshell- Sixties mod meets Psychobilly meets kitschy fun and I'm a pinup mum on a budget!  I’m not afraid to rock a Kmart item tied in with an old pinup favourite from time to time!


What do you love about your style?

I love that it constantly changes and I don't put myself in one style box. I go through phases and will wear an item or style of clothing to death then move on to the next thing!  It's very much a reflection of my now hectic mum life lol there's never a dull moment!


How did you discover your style and how long have you been wearing your style?

I have always been a little left of centre with what I wear, but I started to truly dress in a broader pinup style about 10 years ago.  It very much started as a costume for me, as I was a circus performer and I used the pinup style as my costumes for when I had gigs and styled myself as throwback to the vaudeville days. So from there what started out as Hula Hoop costumes became everyday clothing and the beginnings of a love for vintage!  Since then I'd like to think my style has refined (I guess with age!), I wear a lot more vintage and am addicted to op shopping to find those bargains and one offs!


What are your go to brands?

I'm a big fan of Louella DeVille Clothing, Lindy Bop and Dangerfield has great separates but mostly I op shop for preloved or vintage/retro pieces.


Favourite band or singer?

Johnny Cash, Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Anderson Paak, Wax- the list goes on and like my style it's varied!


Favourite outfit or item?

I have a gorgeous pink and silver crimplene 1960 mod dress I love.  Plus my 1960's Silver Cross pram is featured heavily when I'm at events or photo shoots, gotta get use out of it before my daughter gets too big!



What was the last event you went to while wearing your style?

Ballarat Beat Best Dressed.  I decided to go as the Queen of Hearts!



Do you have any tips or tricks to help other people wanting to dress your style?

If you like it wear it, there are no rules and if there are then don't be afraid to break them!


Motto, quote, future goals or biggest achievement (you can answer any one of these or all 4 of these).

I love this quote by Eartha Kitt 'The price we pay for being ourselves is worth it.'


Pinup wise my biggest achievement was winning Psychobilly Queen in 2016, life wise it's my daughter, Tigerlily, born in 2017.  I hope to get back into performing and maybe back into pinup comps but it's not my main focus right now, at the moment I am content with taking a step back from the stage and being a mum- but at least I do that in style (most of the time!)



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