Interview with a Rockabilly Pinup Cowgirl Miss Dee Dee Doll

Featuring Miss Dee Dee Doll

What State or Country are you from? 
Victoria, Australia


What do you love about your style? 
I love that it's flattering to my curves, its fun, flirty and comfortable , Functionally pretty at the same time. POCKETS in dresses YAY!!


How did you discover your style and how long have you been wearing it? 
I've always loved vintage clothing and op shopping.
My Dad said from a young age I dress like a birthday cake  
Mainstream clothing never really suited me, I'm short and curvy.
I also love to sew and created some of my own clothing. 
I brought a 1960's wedding dress and dyed it blue for my school formal. I've been wearing the Pinup, Rockabilly style since 2012 but winged eyeliner since the 90's.


What are your go to brands: 
Can't go past true vintage, but Collectif and Hell Bunny have some great basics to mix and match, Dangerfield, Pinup Girl clothing, Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Fables by Barrie. I'm a busy Mum so i do wear a lot of reproduction.


Favourite band or singer: 
Hands down Dave Ghrol. (I'm still just a dirty grunge girl at heart.)



Favorite outfit or item? 
I LOVE SHOES, I have the cutest pink Pinup Girl Clothing shoes . 
And shoes always fit even if you have eaten all the cheese.


What was the last event you went to while wearing your style? 
A work Christmas party, the theme was tropical so it was a lot of fun and flamingos.


Do you have any tips or tricks to help other people wanting to dress your style?
Op shops are your friend, plus learning to sew is really helpful and it's an easy way to make something unique.


Life to short, eat the cake and wear your best dress. 
People will judge you no matter what you do, So do what makes YOU happy.


Future goals:
To go to Viva and see The Worlds Biggest Pin Up Competition.


Biggest achievement:
Winning the title of Miss Classic Pinup RU Vic 2013 , in Miss Pinup Australia.

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